Tecnozoo is a panorama of livestock present in the country and abroad for over 25 years. The philosophy that has always characterized Tecnozoo is oriented to the search for improvement in the farming system in all its aspects: nutrition, management, health and economic.

Precisely in this perspective over the years have developed within the company of the working groups that deal, each in a specific way, a single category of farm animals: cows milk, Bullocks, veal calves, Poultry, Rabbits , Pigs. This allows our technicians veterinary industry, nutritionists and commercial deepen individual and characteristic aspects and care that every kind of animal breeding and therefore require. products offered by Tecnozoo consist of: complementary feed vitamins, minerals, auxinic, probiotics, special feed, veterinary drugs, veterinary specialties. All the production process is carefully controlled and studied in detail: • the study of its fundamental components, carried out by veterinarians and pharmacists in close collaboration with the technicians who are daily in the herd; • the production, with the aid of precision instruments, machinery and personnel highly specialized; • quality control, made ​​for each production; • the marketing of the finished product, thanks to the attention of the staff of nutritionists who, in close collaboration with breeders, research the best solutions for every kind of farming.



L ‘avi-tunnel where intensive farming is a constant and optimal intake of vitamin-mineral complexes are suitably formulated to meet the diverse needs requires that the animal in the various stages of production.


As in all farming, the health aspect is crucial, therefore the possibility of using products based on organic acids and essential oils that limit the use of conventional antibiotics is an economic and health of major importance.